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Demand for daycare facilities continue to grow day by day, but all too often, institutions are only able to focus on either allowing the child to enjoy their childhood and develop naturally or forcing the child to focus only on mental development in order to achieve high test scores later on in life.


A Family Day Care is different. We promote physical activities, educational games, and various arts and crafts for your child to unleash his or her full creative and intellectual potential.  Our goal is to promote every child's development individually allowing them to have fun while they learn.


A Family Daycare offers a multi-aged mix of children, allowing each child the opportunity to develop and practice social skills.  Our multi-aged group offers a family-like setting which feels more comfortable and secure for young children and siblings are not seperated. 

  • By design, mixed age group care is geared more to the needs of individuals. 
  • Children have greater freedom to develop at their own rate. 
  • Older children adapt language and social skills to relate to younger children, there by learning patience and problem solving skills. 
  • Younger children are challenged by older children to engage in more complex activities. 
  • Children in multi-aged groups statistically stay in the group setting longer and build relationships with care givers and children in their groups... building friendships! 

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